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Why Outsource?

How do I know if I need outsourced HR help?


Are HR responsibilities shared among the owners and supervisors?

  • There is no point person dedicated to overseeing processes and compliance updates.
  • If an issue arises, everyone tag-teams responsibility on handling the situations.
  • No one has time, so HR needs get shelved until an issue pops up.


Does your office manager carry multiple titles:  Day to day operations, IT, HR, and every random “figure this out” task?

  • Tired of researching and not having the experience to manage HR situations.
  • Needing someone with HR experience to talk through situations and best practices.
  • Looking for help to get HR projects done, i.e. updating employee policies and handbooks.


When asked about your HR processes, do these phrases sound familiar?

  • “Some are lists on papers, some are in my head.”
  • “Most are just known by everyone who works here.”
  • “We haven’t had to deal with some issues yet. We’ll figure them out if they come up.”


If you answered yes to any of these questions, let’s chat.