How Our Clients Leverage HR Support

Our Process

Here’s how we work:

Chat with us to determine if we are the right fit for what you are needing. If not, we may have other connections that can help. If it’s up our alley, let’s finalize the agreement and get started!

Once the agreement is signed, two of our HR professionals will review your current HR processes. This meeting will determine where you may have gaps in compliance as well as discuss how policies may or may not match the current management/leadership desired practices.

Depending on where the gaps are, you can either take on the task or pass off projects to our team. We can either be your guide or your extra set of hands to get the job done. Once everything is up to date, we are a phone call away as situations or questions come up.

If you are looking for team training and facilitation options, we will discuss how to provide the needed training schedule to minimize work interruption and maximize impact of the needed conversations.

Some companies realize that HR is more than a few projects, they also have a need for increased employee engagement and hire us to become their on-site HR support on a consistent basis fitting to their needs.