Supervisor 101 – Congratulations! Now What???

Congratulations you have been given the authority to oversee a team, make more decisions and take on additional leadership responsibilities.

The excitement of the position has passed and now it’s time to get to work or maybe you have been doing the job and need to tighten your practices. Where do you go from here? What does it mean to be a manager versus a leader? How do you best communicate with your team and your boss? How do you deal with difficult situations and conflicts? How can you best coach and support your team?

In our 4-part on-line program, we will be bringing new ideas, shared experiences, and real time scenarios to the group. This is an opportunity to learn as well as idea share with other managers from various companies.

Program Overview

Session 1: Understanding Your Role

  • Leader vs Manager
  • Company vs Team Expectations
  • Areas of Authority, Responsibility, & Time

Session 2: Communication

  • Recognizing Styles & Tools Used
  • Employee Lifecycle: Communications & Documentation
  • Individual vs Team Communication Plan

Session 3: Conflict

  • Recognize Conflict Styles
  • Pause & Evaluate
  • Managing Next Steps

Session 4: Coaching

  • Re-Direction for Needed Change
  • Recognition Languages
  • Succession or Growth Opportunities

Program Investment

$475 per attendee (Invoice will be emailed after registration.)

Upcoming Program Dates

March program: Thur 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
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1:00-2:30pm MT (via Zoom)
8-10 attendees per program


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